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Collaberative Writing

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This journal is a writing journal.

A journal where two people will be collaberatively writing. You probably don't want to read most of this. If you do, send feedback. We like feedback. ^^;

(Note that there is less and less story-building happening here, and more this becoming a collective dumping site for Emily and Kas to stash their writings (fic and otherwise), most of which is inspired by or written in response to writing prompts and challenges at several of the communites we've joined. We've also started dumping roleplay logs here, as we've been doing some minor roleplaying. To date, we've only finished two logs, and only one of them is archived here. )

This journal was originally hosted at Diary-x, but the Livejournal format is more conductive to adding on to a started story. Expect us to forget we're logged into our personal journals when we comment. Which means some storybuilders may be added from there in comments. I've already got two other journals I log into frequently, so it's almost deterring to have another.

I thought about making it a closed-membership community, but I'm too damn lazy, so for now, it stays the way it is. (I'm now glad I didn't, for all the communities we decided to join...*laughs*)

Anyway, that's all for now...

-k. [Kasandra/Rei]


Have things organized in memories. Read if you care about how they're organized.

(For those of you too lazy to click the link (actually, I don't remember if I changed the information on that link after I slightly altered the way memories were organized...o_O), memories are organized by fandom (there is a LOT of fanfic here), with a seperate category for original fiction.)


I guess it's about time I got a couple warnings and disclaimers up here, now that we've got a lot of work going in here.

We write fanfiction. Lots of it. All works are copyright to their original creators.

There may be adult oriented material within. That's what Kas is particularly known for. And some of it may be offensive, or pairing off characters you'd rather not see paired. It's probably yaoi. Slash. Male/male relationships.

Most writing has warnings/pairings listed, if we remember, and actually intend on doing anything with the piece. If it started out as a drabble that wasn't headed anywhere, then there's a chance it might -not- have the proper disclaimers. Advance apologies for that.

Proceeding with a fic that has proper disclaimers is agreeing that you are either of legal age, or of a suitable maturity level, and, at any rate, continuing at your own risk, and you do not hold us liable. In fact, going past this point, we're hoping you're a mature person with a decent sense of humor, since these things are right there in the intrests list, and we've joined several yaoi-centric communities. I guess sometimes, when you get used to interacting with yaoi-centric mature fanbases, you take for granted that someone underage, not looking for what you write, might stumble across hot mansex on accident.

So yeah.


Silent Hill is © Konami, etc.
One Piece is © Echiiro Oda, etc.
Trigun is © Yashiiro Nightow, etc.
Harry Potter is © J.K. Rowling, etc.
Any other materials that we've used/abused are copyright their respective creators.


Brushes for layout background are from the following sites:

hushlittlehero // eggo

I also used brushes that I don't remember the urls to. A few are labled "TS", and the Scotch Tape appears to have come from Design Launchpad.
If you recognize your brushes, or know urls they came from, drop me a line, and I'll add them to the info, okay?


Moderators of the following communities:

-wotd Word Of The Day...and writings inspired from it.
(As it says: a community that gives a word of the day, and encourages members to write something from that word.)


Other places you might find our writing (not including communities here on LJ):


-Author Unknown
This is all older writing, and the journal I used to use to archive my writing online. Most of it is, admittedly, terrible, and I've done several pruning jobs, deleting massive amounts of writing I found, to say the least, mortifying. Most of what's there is almost passable now, but I'm still not fond of a lot of it. This journal has a mirror at deadjournal under the same username.

-Mediaminer (username kasianne) (Link when I get an opportunity...)
Here's where you'll find all my fics that were written before this journal was created. There are some fic-fragements also at the Author Unknown journal, but if you're looking for fic, this is the best place to be. A great deal of Trigun-centric fic, and I have been, and will continue to be trying to move any finished fic-work from this journal that is mine only over to my Mediaminer account.


-Fanfiction.Net - Constable Remington
Not very much goes up here anymore. If you're looking for newer stuff, it's best just to look at the LJ instead.

--etched_n_memory All new stuff goes here. This place has become defunct.
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